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About me...

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I started my business in March 2021 with the objective to make beautiful, unique, handmade baby and toddler clothing.  As a mum of three grown up children and a qualified nursery nurse with 30 years childcare experience, I understand the importance of comfortable fitting clothes, that not only look beautiful, but are durable and sustainable so that these remain in great condition and they can be passed down to siblings and relatives.  Convenience was also in my foremost thoughts, just grab a romper, pull it up and with two poppers on each shoulder changing couldn’t be easier!  I wanted to make clothing that is handmade to a high standard, but also using fabrics that are better for your wee one’s delicate skin.  Babies skin is very absorbent and some fabrics are produced by using pesticides and chemicals.  By using my certified fabrics, you have the reassurance that you are purchasing clothing that has been grown without the use of these harmful toxins.  This is also good news for the environment and for the farmers and their families who produce our organically grown cotton.  I also use OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabrics which means that this fabric has been tested for harmful substances.  The certification is on all my garment labels and stated in the description for you to choose your fabric type and certification.  

In December 2023 we finished building my sewing studio which took 5 months to build, this giving me the work space to grow my business and follow my sewing passion.

I hope that you enjoy using my clothing range as much as I love making it for your wee ones.


I love to receive pictures of your wee darlings wearing my clothing, it makes it all worthwhile 😊.

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